Three important words for designers


I’ve spent 27 years designing stuff without any consideration of the impact of those designs on the environment. I was taught to design for the user and the business, not the planet. The success of my designs was based on how much money they…

Vincit launched Planet Centric Design on November 28th 2019

You’re probably a bit overwhelmed reading the constant stream of climate change articles confirming that if we don’t triple our efforts, we are all truly screwed. The clock is ticking, and the time we have to save the planet from mass extinction is rapidly running out. If you believe the…

So here is the daily scenario, I’m guessing the same one that’s driving millions of families all over world into conflictual situations and relationship negativity with their kids.

My 12 year old son is unable to control his own gaming addiction and his parents are pulling their hair out trying…

We are building a new company called inc and are focused on defining meaningful purpose for the companies we work with. I was wondering what we mean by purpose and what being purpose driven means in the big scheme of things

Here’s my view:

Human development thus far, I feel…

Anton Schubert

I’m a planet centric designer focused on purpose driven culture change and new ways of working.

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